About Us

About Us

JACS  was established in 2012 by owner and operator Jackie Gordon.  Jackie  has more than 10 years experience certifying all types of  aircraft for Government, Commercial and Private use.  JACS routinely  works with the FAA to facilitate quick and efficient certification of a  variety of specialty aircraft.  In addition to Certification Management,  JACS also provides Project Management Services.  JACS works with a team  of DERs (Designated Engineering Representative) to provide the specific  services needed for each individual program while working to keep  client costs down. JACS also provides Airworthiness Services by working  with a team of DARs (Designated Airworthiness Representative).

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Jackie's Aircraft Certification Specialists

4485 S. Heather Pl, Tucson, AZ 85730, US

(520) 591-9648